Our Core Values

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© Mr Korn Flakes - Fotolia.com



We are supporting our clients’ targets. That’s why we actively guide our clients towards profitability, growth and sustainability. We understand their challenges as ours. As entrepreneurs we share risk and rewards.




Insight, focus, trust, completeness of scope, pragmatism and impact characterize our work. The experience in and the passion for our profession are the prerequisites for a highly qualitative and valuable output.




Creativity, the power to overcome conventional barriers and the ability to turn technological potentials into revenues drives us to extraordinary results and unknown, but reasonable and affordable solutions. Redefining the rules changes our clients’ perception and business model. 




As a globally oriented and internationally acting company, we feel ourselves as independent Europeans. We are absolutely independent from any alliances or shareholders and therefore can serve our clients in the most appropriate way.



We see our employees as our principal capital. The development of this capital and thus the services to our clients is important to us.  The pleasure to work at Transformation Partner originates from interesting and challenging projects as well as a positive work-life balance.



As upright entrepreneurs we take our social responsibility seriously. All our decisions and recommendations are made under the precondition, that we could take them by ourselves. We respect all gender, races, religions and disabilities the same.